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Seven Faces
Category: Double Meanings | Added: May 29, 2009 | 56 comments
This psychedelic picture contains a total of seven faces in amongst all the patterns and lines. Can you find them all ? A secondary illusion here is the way in which the central piece can appear to be either in front or behind the shapes on either side of it.

Seven Faces
Image Credit: This image is believed to be in the public domain.


Comments ( 56 )

Posted by sal on September 12, 2009
I can only see 3 for sure, maybe another 2, but not 7.
Posted by Bet on October 15, 2009
THere are 7 for sure had a bit of trouble with the last two but they are there!
Posted by Katie on October 19, 2009
I can certainly see 5 but are the other two feutuses? Which are at the sides?
Posted by kevin on October 24, 2009
Posted by j2180 on October 27, 2009
i see all seven, it was hard to find but found them all
Posted by rocky on November 3, 2009
i found all 7 one in the middle one on the side another on the side one in one of the side faces another in the other face and two in the middle face
Posted by k.a.l.a. on November 6, 2009
i saw 5 not sure bout the other 2
Posted by GHOST! on November 23, 2009
so colorful. and awesome !
Posted by puno on November 25, 2009
i can only see 3!!where is the four?
Posted by puno on November 25, 2009
i can only see 3!!where is the four?
Posted by Pravjot Atwal on December 7, 2009
I thought this was stupid!!!!
Posted by delicious.marks on December 4, 2009
i saw all seven as well! so awsome!
Posted by chris on December 21, 2009
I see all 7 but I can also see 2 babies
Posted by tawcrenee on January 22, 2010
3 imm soooooo stupid
Posted by Shannon on January 25, 2010
i see 4, but i cant see how THEY see 7!
Posted by Shannon on January 25, 2010
i see 7 now, i didnt count the 2 babies on the side
Posted by mer on February 13, 2010
only 6 so far........
Posted by wefert on March 12, 2010
no its 5 faces they must of got the title rong .
Posted by VeeVee on March 13, 2010
I saw WARNING SPOILER 3 Aztec-Kinda-Guys in the center, one looking straight, two looking sideways. 2 Skullfaces smiling sideways at the Aztec-Guys and 2 Foetus-like-Babies, facing sideways with one lil arm&leg showing, hidden in the back of and a bit underneath the skullfaces, at the very extreme right and left of the picture. 3+2+2= 7. Although the babies don't really show their 'faces' ...
Posted by raegan on March 19, 2010
i see all 7 yay for me whoopie. im a poet didnt know can make a rhime every time
Posted by bennyboo2005 on April 22, 2011
i think i see seven, do the two things in the skeletons count?
Posted by Kasi on September 20, 2010
i see all 7 this is a really cool pic
Posted by Don on October 13, 2010
only took about 10 seconds and I found all 7. this was dumb
Posted by soulja boy on November 26, 2010
i found all 7 lol
Posted by soulja boy on November 26, 2010
hey yall fans how ya doin am bored jus been checkin on dis next up web but guess wat im impressed . love ya 2 fans
Posted by I SEE ALL on December 21, 2010
i see all 7.
Posted by shakina on May 28, 2011
as a sixth grader it is quite difficult i found only 5 wheres the other 2
Posted by NICE on September 17, 2011
the pic is really nice! the babies isn't showing their faces...
Posted by sophie on June 29, 2011
I only see 5!
Posted by sophie on June 30, 2011
I still only see five! Also, shakina I'm going into fifth grade!
Posted by Anomally on July 18, 2011
I believe this is an Alex Gray painting
Posted by sebastian on October 23, 2011
I see 12 faces not including the 2 babies at the side. Dahh this is for losers
Posted by Dd on November 9, 2011
I foun all 7!! woohoooo
Posted by mmm on November 12, 2011
I found 7 at first i only found 3 thhen i looked closer but this is a cool illusion
Posted by lekkkk shuuu on November 12, 2011
Posted by Megan Kue on November 13, 2011
is it the 2 skulls the 2 babies in the skulls and the 3 faces on the big face?
Posted by sally on December 2, 2011
Found them!!
Posted by james on December 15, 2011
i see 8
Posted by samsopwned on January 1, 2012
how come i only see five!!!!
Posted by Me on February 6, 2012
can you please mark the faces ?
Posted by 123 on January 7, 2012
isee 7
Posted by helpme on March 3, 2012
i dont know if the babies count but i see them....can somebody tell me where the faces are
Posted by may on March 18, 2012
yeah, i see 5 faces and 2 baby bodies.
Posted by ashley shamburg on March 23, 2012
i only see 3
Posted by ashley shamburg on March 23, 2012
now i see all 7
Posted by Mavi and Mommin on June 10, 2012
Yh! I found five where are the others? plz tell me
Posted by daniel on April 28, 2012
Isee e'm
Posted by maznah on May 19, 2012
Yeah! I found 7 faces!!
Posted by Nya on June 26, 2012
Posted by udonthatecelebrate on September 7, 2012
Posted by Diva on October 20, 2012
@Shannon, can u explain where the 7 faces are because I only see 5. I see the fetuses in the skulls but I didn't think those wld count since u can't really see their faces
Posted by Dr. Stephanie Rostenkowski on November 3, 2012
There are defiantly seven faces. Its extremely simple amd incredibly obvious!
Posted by AJITH KUMAR on June 8, 2013
I see seven face in the picture
Posted by Derin on June 19, 2013
I saw all the faces
Posted by ss on December 31, 2013
there are all 7 2 skulls near the skulls nose other 2 faces at between 1 face inside the skull 2 babies face
Posted by http://m.youtube.com/results?q=dan46611&sm=3 on April 11, 2014
I found 5. Hint: Focus on the center face

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