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Elephant Legs
Category: Impossible Objects | Added: May 28, 2009

This one is sure to get you thinking, how many legs does this elephant have ? Not as straight forward as it may first appear, this picture has been featured in books and on web sites for years. Have you counted them all yet ?

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Comments (29)

Posted by John Haphe on February 24, 2018

Where does this picture originate from?
Posted by GOOD on December 10, 2016

If you put it back together properly there would be 4 legs including the feet.
Posted by krish on September 15, 2016

8 legs are there.
Posted by mario on September 29, 2015

There are exactly 1000 legs
Posted by Terrence on April 27, 2015

So cool &#128526; I don't no how many legs it has
Posted by ruffdog on November 15, 2014

it asked how many legs not feet so therefore theres 4
Posted by TheSmartDog on October 7, 2014

It's 4, if you connect the 4 erased to the other one, you will see, it's 4 legs
Posted by with swager boy on November 3, 2012

yups agree.
Posted by Ricky Thakur on April 4, 2012

4 controls for sure
Posted by may on March 19, 2012

it wants to show it has 8 legs,right?
Posted by TLW on March 12, 2012

AWWWWWWWWW this one is crazzy lol i like this one
Posted by lekkkk shuuuu on November 12, 2011

8 legs
Posted by Dd on November 9, 2011

that is really dumb. i counted 4 wit feet and 4 wit no feet?
Posted by preston on October 19, 2011

that is dum
Posted by sophie on June 29, 2011

THis illusion is creepy. There are 8 legs and 4 legs with feet.
Posted by sophie on June 29, 2011

I wonder how this elephant walks
Posted by sophie on June 29, 2011

THis illusion is creepy. There are 8 legs and 4 legs with feet.
Posted by adele on May 24, 2011

dis os sooooo very stupiid
Posted by bennyboo2005 on April 22, 2011

the legs arent in the right places so count the feet the answer is 4
Posted by bob111 on January 4, 2011

4 only ansd a shadow it is very simple.
Posted by Jon H on November 27, 2010

So, does anybody out there know where this image originated from?
Posted by ithinkiluvyuh56 on September 25, 2010

it is 8 if you look closley you will see that the legs that appaer to be cut off are actually being covered by the feet that ate shown DO YOU SEE IT
Posted by dee on July 26, 2010

4 only and a shadow
Posted by Neo_TheOne on April 15, 2010

That is defiantly 4 legs
Posted by DB on April 9, 2010

If u say count the start of leg connected to body, theres 4. If u say the ones one the body, not neccesarily connected to the body, 4. Altogether I\'d say 8 legs.
Posted by jenifuri on January 5, 2010

How strong does elephant legs and tell me the all information about elephnt legs.
Posted by seb96 on December 22, 2009

the legs that had been erased is the true legs, or if u dont get wat i mean, the gap between the legs that u see is the true legs. Answer: 4 legs (invisible legs/erased) + 4 visible legs = 8legs \"but i\'m not sure whether 8 or 4, u know, the question never tells that count the visible or invisible legs.
Posted by Carter on December 22, 2009

What idiot designed this to have legs you need feet or they could not be enicially called legs so count the feet.
Posted by yasmin on December 16, 2009

when you look at the bird one it is a bird for about 5sacs and then it turns into a devil
Posted by dayna on October 26, 2009

lol i think it has 4 leggs
Posted by stopit on June 11, 2009

My eyes are going funny looking at this lol...very clever illusion, I like this one.