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Glass with two halves
Category: Double Meanings | Added: May 13, 2011

While not quite an optical illusion this image does help to represent the paradox of duality. One of these glasses is half empty and one of them is half full, but which is which ? Is there even an answer or can both be one or the other ?

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Comments (10)

Posted by DragonFire_Blue on February 1, 2018

They're both $2960 :D
Posted by Mafalda on March 28, 2017

Both are half full and half empty, my final answer LOL
Posted by GOOD on December 9, 2016

Confusing and I keep changing my answer.
Posted by pachanou on December 15, 2015

Funny, nobody's answering the question! Ok. For me, glass at my left is half full and to my right the glass is half empty. Bu i won't risk myself to explain why.......
Posted by _SammyWammy_ on October 2, 2015

The one on the right is frozen... thats how it staying at the top, because the glass get smaller as it goes downwards if you know what I mean
Posted by Boo on April 12, 2015

There both the same.
Posted by baily on February 11, 2015

the one on the left with the half full at the top isnt liquid its frozen
Posted by TheSmartDog on October 7, 2014

LOL guys it's easy, there's some water at the right glass!
Posted by Tuan on September 9, 2014

It can be both or either to me.
Posted by pratham ram on May 13, 2014

Right glass is half empty n left glass is half filled!!!
Posted by Leslie on January 11, 2014

i dont get it
Posted by meghan on May 19, 2013