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Salvador Dali Illusion
Category: Double Meanings | Added: October 31, 2009

Here's a spooky illusion just in time for Halloween. What do you see in this picture, a profile of Salvafor Dali or a ghostly woman ?

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Comments (23)

Posted by anna rinker on January 6, 2014

these r cool i love the black chair illution
Posted by dlarej santos on January 17, 2013

it is so very idealistic and good
Posted by vai on August 26, 2012

weird.... i can see both! its really creepy
Posted by MAY on March 18, 2012

Posted by KalaAzurehowl on March 17, 2012

Posted by Shanelle on February 7, 2012

I would call it a glim because shes part of the man and the mans part of the lady.Its ghosty to so I would call it a glim.
Posted by Shanelle on February 7, 2012

Its a wierd painting the womans head is the mans eye.Her chest and back is the mans nose.Her arm and the thing she is holding in her hand is the mans mustach on his face.And the bottom of the ladies dress is the mans beard.
Posted by charlotte on January 22, 2012

Posted by alina on November 4, 2011

it made me scared
Posted by jj on March 2, 2011

i got goosebumps ! darn :))
Posted by Molly on December 29, 2010

It\'s both!!!
Posted by fhjh on December 12, 2010

OMG its coooooooooool
Posted by alysia on November 15, 2010

i see both of them thats still scary
Posted by Tony on November 5, 2010

O.O ummmmmmm i got scared :P
Posted by marc on October 29, 2010

the man\'s mustahce is an arm and hand
Posted by sally on September 20, 2010

a just spooky
Posted by mira on August 9, 2010

seems strange
Posted by me on July 21, 2010

i dont understand anything!!!!
Posted by on July 2, 2010

Posted by maya on April 22, 2010

women and a man
Posted by Siera Marie Owens on December 22, 2009

its both!!! i learned abt dali before he did dis thing called surrealism its great!!!!
Posted by Maggie on December 16, 2009

I see a woman and man\'s portrait.