Category: 3D Illusions | Date Added: February 12, 2013 | 3 comment(s)
This is a wonderful 3D illusion of a serpent in water which resembles the Loch Ness monster from the Scottish Highlands, possibly one of the worlds best known cryptids. This very creative piece of artwork was drawn using different coloured chalks by street artists Joe Hill and Max Lowry who decorate streets around the world. As you can see from looking at this image they are true masters of anamorphic drawings.

Image credit: Joe Hill and Max Lowry

Category: Shadows and Mirrors | Date Added: February 11, 2013 | 6 comment(s)
There are a number of different objects in this optical illusion including a table, a pair of shoes, a folding deck chair and a bottle of wine. All these items have been strategically put in place so that when you look at the image it casts a shadow on the wall behind them. The shadow gives the appearance of a woman reclining in her chair and sitting with her feet up on the table while holding a glass of wine up to her mouth.

Image credit: This image is believed to be in the public domain.

Category: Shape and Color | Date Added: February 10, 2013 | 33 comment(s)
This optical illusion is one of those kinds where your brain works faster than your eyes and you think you have read the text correctly when in fact you most likely have not. So let us start by looking at this optical illusion again. What do you see? Here we can see an image of a red shaped triangle with some white text written inside it. The text is a simple short message and reads "A Bird In The Bush." Or does it? Read the text inside the triangle again and you will see what I mean. I am not going to tell you what it says, so see if you can figure out what you have missed.

Image credit: This image is believed to be in the public domain.

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Here we have another beautiful oil painting by the very talented Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak. In this picture he has painted a country scene of a little boy sitting beside some lambs in a field with some cottages in the background. It all looks very peaceful and relaxing. As with all his artwork Oleg Shuplyak uses hidden images to produce amazing optical illusions and this painting is no exception. If you look closely at this masterpiece you can see it also depicts the face of a man with a white moustache.

Image credit: Oleg Shuplyak

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In the center of this optical illusion there is a black shape which resembles a candlestick, one of those brass type they have in churches that sit on the altar. In contrast, on either side of this black image there are two white silhouettes of human faces which gives the appearance that they are facing each other. To see this optical illusion more clearly you might find it best to stand back and view it from a distance rather than looking at it straight on while sitting in front of your computer screen.

Image credit: This image is believed to be in the public domain.