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Shadow woman illusion
Category: Shadows and Mirrors | Added: February 11, 2013

There are a number of different objects in this optical illusion including a table, a pair of shoes, a folding deck chair and a bottle of wine. All these items have been strategically put in place so that when you look at the image it casts a shadow on the wall behind them. The shadow gives the appearance of a woman reclining in her chair and sitting with her feet up on the table while holding a glass of wine up to her mouth.

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Comments (7)

Posted by sak on May 9, 2016

thee invisible lady/GHOS...SSST
Posted by pachanou on December 15, 2015

Sorry, i must be stupid cause i don't understand it. What makes the shadow of the head? The body and the arm? Really don't get it. If you pass by here, could you explain it to me please?...Thanks.
Posted by january on January 7, 2014

ghost ??? ahhhhh.....run for your eyes
Posted by KellyKelly on September 8, 2013

it's fake.
Posted by Amber on September 1, 2013

Posted by karima nadim on July 20, 2013