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Lunch With A Helmet On
Category: Shadows and Mirrors | Added: June 9, 2009 | 29 comments
Another illusion from Shigeo Fukuda, in this one he's welded together 848 knives, forks and spoons to produce an object the shadow cast from which forms the perfect shape of a motorcycle on the ground.

Lunch With A Helmet On
Image Credit: Shigeo Fukuda


Comments ( 29 )

Posted by stopit on June 11, 2009
This is really clever!
Posted by k.a.l.a. on November 6, 2009
Posted by mer on November 25, 2009
how is it possible? its not even shaped like a motorcyle!! i think the shadow was edited/added... just what i think
Posted by INDRA on December 15, 2009
This is really fantastic..unbelieveable..
Posted by Maggie on December 16, 2009
I don't believe it. I should see it on live, maybe I'd believe...
Posted by tcn on January 21, 2010
OMG thatr is amazzzzzzzzzzing
Posted by Benz on February 22, 2010
Not real at all,it has been edited through Adobe Photoshop,There's no sense in it...
Posted by mamamia on February 23, 2010
iknew that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by me on February 23, 2010
that sucks
Posted by non of ur bussiness on March 31, 2010
dis is so fake.not real,not kewl bithes
Posted by somebody on May 9, 2010
no, this is seriously real. It's in art textbooks and everything. Look up the artist, he has other works too.
Posted by CyberARTs student on May 29, 2010
Posted by non of ur bussiness on March 31, 2010 dis is so fake.not real,not kewl bithes -------------------------------------------------------- Just reading that, we can all see how much you fail. This is remarkable work, I love it. So don't be a "bith". :)
Posted by I on September 18, 2010
That is beyond fake. i can tell
Posted by Lisa on November 8, 2010
Ingenious!!!! So cool.If it were fake...Same comment!!!
Posted by drR on December 12, 2010
This is an amazing piece by Shigeo Fukuda, and contrary to what some people are saying, it is not faked. Check out some of his other works; he truly was a master of illusion! It seems impossible to do what he has done, but it's all a matter of perspective
Posted by Joe on June 16, 2011
This is a genuine artwork. This is an inspirational art called Shadow Sculpture. The ultimate goal is to create an art that is cannot be defined by its appearance but tells a whole lot meaning when the shadow being projected. It's genius.
Posted by amazing101 on June 5, 2011
Posted by sophie on June 30, 2011
Posted by Suhay khan on October 1, 2011
Everyone knows its fake. Nd not a real. There are so many softwares through which any pic can b edited
Posted by trisha818 on August 15, 2011
I don't get it!(not speaking rudely)
Posted by Olivia on October 10, 2011
Oh... Wow
Posted by Tayyaba on November 14, 2011
The artist's name is Shigeo Fukuda. Theres a reason why everyones calling it fake, because he has clearly blown everyones' mind away. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called greatness. This is beyond art, this is simply amazing.
Posted by the postman on January 25, 2012
deffinitly edited
Posted by cato on May 30, 2012
so fake. It is not even the right shape. I dont care wat u say this was editted
Posted by sashie on September 5, 2012
that is so not true. ther is no way the top imge form out to be the bottom one. kmt
Posted by gh on April 3, 2015
well, duh. nothing is impossible in this world for those who are saying this is fake are just a bunch of lazy know it all who are too lazy to move their arses and type shigeo fukuda in the search engine. he's a known artist, i tell you. the world is wider than you think. so move those arses of yours and explore this world, you lazy butts.
Posted by elaine on July 8, 2015
may i know what is the meaning of this art?
Posted by delmonico on December 31, 2015
Those of you who think this is photoshopped really suffer from a lack of imagination and appreciation of creative peoples inventiveness. While not easy in execution and requiring real cleverness to conceive, the method seems clear; draw motorcycle outline on floor, set up strong light source and then methodically add the cutlery, one piece at a time so that the shadows cover the correct part of the floor. Also, I would Google the artist to see some of the other clever installations by him. BTW-All are regularly exhibited in museums-real hard to fake.
Posted by Naomi on March 23, 2017
What a job !. Unbelievable !.

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