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Piano Mirror Illusion
Category: Shadows and Mirrors | Added: May 25, 2009 | 22 comments
This impressive illusion by Shigeo Fukuda is sure to boggle the mind. On the right we can see a strange structure made out of various piano parts and shapes, yet when viewed in the mirror on the left the reflection is of a completely normal looking piano.

Piano Mirror Illusion
Image Credit: Shigeo Fukuda


Comments ( 22 )

Posted by stopit on June 11, 2009
Wow, this one must have taken a lot of time and patience to do.
Posted by Maggie on December 16, 2009
It's so amazing! I think the man who did it, is so smart, resourceful and intelligent. Wow!
Posted by weezy on January 13, 2010
Posted by molly on February 21, 2010
dont get the idea of how it reflects perfectly
Posted by on April 27, 2010
That was just so cool. It sure must have took a long time to accomplish.
Posted by nirvanaspirit666 on April 29, 2010
just unbelievable
Posted by me on May 26, 2010
The illusion works because the parts are arranged in such a way so as to produce the reflection of a perfect piano when seen from one specific viewpoint. Move anywhere else and the reflection won't work
Posted by ABBIE on June 25, 2010
that was so cool!
Posted by Mario on July 11, 2010
This is fake it is a normal wall and they painted a piano on it so it is fake.
Posted by Rog on August 26, 2010
The reflection isn't quite "perfect". The issue is with the shadows that are cast. One can see by the shadow cast by the stool onto the rug that there is a single light source. None of the shadows in the reflection fall within the same perspective lines. Awesome work of perspective however!
Posted by bria on February 21, 2011
that's so cool
Posted by hey on January 14, 2011
There's a face in the reflection of the piano...
Posted by jusme on February 27, 2011
it must be a broken down piano on one side with a see through wall and a brand new piano on the other but is set up so that the shadows are seen the same
Posted by bennyboo2005 on April 22, 2011
hey hey i think that is a whale
Posted by tattyteddy on April 23, 2011
Amazing at first but if you look carefully the shadows of the reflection are in the wrong places! Lol, awesome though! I'm just being picky, must've taken a lot of time and effort. It was worth it as well!
Posted by sophie on June 29, 2011
this is very mindboggling
Posted by The critic on December 16, 2011
STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so obviously just a wall painted to look like a perfect piano and a reflection in the mirror. CAN'T belive u fell for this. OMG!!!
Posted by may on March 18, 2012
very creative in a kind of way
Posted by cool on March 5, 2016
Posted by cool on March 5, 2016
this stuff is making my head hurt!!!
Posted by kila on March 14, 2016
i dont get this one
Posted by Jake Paul on April 30, 2018
This might be cooler than my videos!

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