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Slanted house illusion
Category: Size and Distance | Added: January 16, 2013 | 11 comments
Tobias Thierer took this photograph of a house on Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand. You might be forgiven for thinking that the people who live there would have difficulties getting in and out of their front door without falling over, but is it the house that's slanted, the hill it rests on or the cameraman ?

Slanted house illusion
Image Credit: (PD) Tobias Thierer


Comments ( 11 )

Posted by yo mom on April 23, 2013
Posted by megan on May 19, 2013
Posted by NA on May 24, 2013
Well if the house is slanted, so is the water in the background -.-
Posted by Trivia crack @iluvdolphins on February 8, 2015
This is so cool
Posted by Trivia crack @iluvdolphins on February 8, 2015
The hill that the house is on
Posted by hjsbsfhjb on July 3, 2015
The hill that the house is on
Posted by studier on January 11, 2016
The bushes are slanted
Posted by izzy on February 8, 2016
bushes are slanted
Posted by GOOD on December 9, 2016
the hill.
Posted by Mafalda on March 28, 2017
The house is on a hill but the bushes cover the enter to the house , I can see the brown fence on the back of the bushes .,, which mean that the house is ok In CA looks many like this.
Posted by Naomi on March 28, 2017
Is a two story home, but you only can see from the road the second floor., this house is on a hill, I went to google and is perfectly fine.

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