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Carlsberg 3D White Cliffs of Dover
Category: 3D Illusions | Added: April 7, 2011

Here's a truly impressive advertisement for Carlsberg using 3D projection mapping on England's White Cliffs of Dover. Moving images are projected on to the cliff face creating a realistic three-dimensional feature that looks like its actually happening. At the start, pieces of the cliffs break off and fall in to the sea, to remedy the problem a number of builders turn up and repair the broken rock. At the end a helicopter joins the fray to respray the cliffs white and the men enjoy a beer in celebration. With 3D cinema and televisions becoming increasingly common how long will it be before spectacles like this are commonplace ?

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Posted by blaze on July 10, 2015

Posted by sukanya on June 18, 2011

amazing..i cannot believe my eyes
Posted by trickster on May 4, 2011