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Hand drawing a hand
Category: Photo Manipulations | Added: March 5, 2013

Here we have an image of a sheet of paper from an artist sketch pad pinned down on a table by four drawing pins, one in each corner to hold the paper in place to stop it from moving. On top of this paper you can see a pair of hands attached to blue cuffs from a shirt and each hand is holding a drawing pencil. This optical illusion gives the appearance that both hands are real flesh and blood while at the same time they are both drawing the blue shirt cuffs that are attached to each other.

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Posted by zoey on January 7, 2017

Posted by bobby mcbobbob on November 2, 2016

real quit saying its fake just cuz your terrible at art
Posted by mellow cat on January 27, 2016

the entire picture is a drawing
Posted by Clifton Fitzgerald on April 18, 2015

Though at first glance they appear identical, when you study them closely one can clearly note the differences. Thus one can then clearly identify the real hand.
Posted by Ron Miltenburg on August 3, 2014

The original idea of the painting is from a drawing of the famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drawing_Hands
Posted by hottie on July 3, 2014

omg is all i have to say couldnt believe it wen saw it xx
Posted by kayla on November 16, 2013

why are ther also shadows of the pencil in bottom hand overlapping the paper there wud be no shadow there for this is not true its not optical illusion
Posted by itsrealnotreal on November 6, 2013

That is clearly a real hand...explain hthe hand and pen on top that are clearly not even on the white paper.
Posted by Haleigh on May 21, 2013