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Eye test illusion
Category: Size and Distance | Added: March 6, 2013

When you first look at this optical illusion image it is difficult to determine what exactly you are looking at. Here we have a black oblong shaped box with some strange white shapes inside it resembling blocks but they are actually letters making up a two word sentence. The point of this illusion is to test your eyesight to see if you can pick up what the letters say. For best results close your eyes almost completely until you can make out the words. It is easy when you know how - so what does it say?

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Comments (16)

Posted by n00b task on February 28, 2017

I don't have bad eyes. Cause it Sys bad eyes
Posted by pierce on February 14, 2017

thats really cool. it says bad eyes, which is ironic, because you need good eyes to see this.
Posted by jamira on February 15, 2016

yo really bra i dont have bad eyes and why don't they ell you to look at it 1 foot away .but I saw it thanks to the comments
Posted by maya on February 12, 2016

Posted by Joan on January 27, 2016

It says Bad eyes, @Legolas I was sitting at my table one foot away from my computer and it worked fine,and only have to close your eyes halfway and not almost all the way,like the infor... said.
Posted by gg on December 19, 2015

perhaps it's better to represent in full size image again .
Posted by hhjjhhh on December 13, 2015

I saw it immediately and don't see anything else. Bad eyes. What does everyone else see?
Posted by stefano on August 5, 2015

Got it straight away!
Posted by Clifton Fitzgerald on April 18, 2015

It's just like my own. BAD EYES.
Posted by jennifer on April 6, 2015

man it took me two hours to figure this out. it says bad eyes
Posted by Savannah-Leigh on March 22, 2015

Bad Eyes
Posted by fish is on January 25, 2015

First it looks like + - and then I get it
Posted by Bad Eyes on November 19, 2014

It said I had bad eyes
Posted by sumona on August 3, 2014

Posted by shubham on June 23, 2014

man!!! what the hell is written there...!!!
Posted by Gwen on July 23, 2013

sooo cool! :-)
Posted by Legolas lover on June 8, 2013

it says bad eyes you have to stand far away from it