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Nail Biter Bag Illusion
Category: 3D Illusions | Added: September 20, 2009

Here's a novel way to promote a product, this carrier bag for something called "Stop 'n Grow" presumably designed to stop compulsive nail-biting has its handles positioned so that it looks as though the hand of the person carrying it is inside the mouth of the woman on the side of the bag. Its an original idea and a nice way to get attention to what you are advertising.

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Comments (11)

Posted by good on June 24, 2017

You can tell it is a bag.
Posted by january on January 7, 2014

yay !!! teach the nail biters that are trying to stop to bite them more thanks for the (un)helpful advice
Posted by sashie on September 5, 2012

that is very awesome. I need to get that bag. like seriously
Posted by may on March 18, 2012

that is very creative kind to advertise
Posted by KalaAzurehowl on March 17, 2012

the perfect birthday bag LOL
Posted by charlotte on January 22, 2012

KWL Where do i buy that bag!!
Posted by sophie on June 30, 2011

just plain weird!
Posted by bennyboo2005 on April 22, 2011

that would hurt
Posted by flyer than you on May 14, 2010

crazy picture you got their you know.
Posted by iyftyyt on March 12, 2010

do not bite him
Posted by Biddy on October 10, 2009

Awesome as picture that would teach people not to bite their nails!!!! Biddy