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Cat Dance Illusion
Category: Double Meanings | Added: September 18, 2009 | 37 comments
Special thanks to artist Patrick Trotter for sending in to us this picture he's painted of a black cat. Which way is the cat facing ? It depends on how you look at it, like many other "double meaning" illusions the cat can appear to be facing away from you or towards you. If you have trouble seeing it the other way try gazing at the image for a while - you should see the cat suddenly switch directions, see if you can get the image to switch back and forth.

Cat Dance Illusion
Image Credit: Patrick Trotter


Comments ( 37 )

Posted by S on September 18, 2009
wow...this is good! I was convinced at first glance that the cat is facing away from me, and I'm seeing it's behind. But now it looks like it's facing towards me. Very good :)
Posted by me on October 11, 2009
lol cool but i can get it to switch
Posted by shoop da\'whoop on November 11, 2009
iiiiiiiiimmmmmmm a firnen my laza.... that cat was like so cool because it looks like u look at its butt but when u look at it side was u loookat its head
Posted by Stewart on November 11, 2009
Me like this
Posted by GHOST! on November 23, 2009
this is sooooooooooo damn awesome!
Posted by Melvin on January 14, 2010
for a second there i was like wat the hell then i suddenly saw it
Posted by mer on February 13, 2010
i was annoyed, then i figured it out less than 30 sec. lol
Posted by Cable Seadreamer on April 8, 2010
This is good but don't think it's great. It took about 20 secs to finally get it n it isn't fantastic.
Posted by bennyboo2005 on April 22, 2011
i thought when i heard it would face left and right
Posted by roger bird on June 7, 2010
i don't get it
Posted by smarty on June 8, 2010
this is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but not great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by bob on June 26, 2010
the legs help you see it
Posted by x on July 14, 2010
it wont face me :(
Posted by mickey on October 20, 2010
wat is it supost to do
Posted by j on November 7, 2010
i dont see it!!!
Posted by Sakura Kanshibani on November 30, 2010
Lol I dont get it ( is emo )
Posted by KNT on November 15, 2010
ohhhhhhhhhhh....I got it!!!!!!!!! KEWL BEANS!!!!
Posted by hsm :) on January 8, 2011
two of us fell for the trick but one of us didn't, it is quite a good trick but needs more work. caa i just say a big thank-you to the cat for letting us stare at it. many thanks h. s. m. x
Posted by hsm :) on January 8, 2011
two of us fell for the trick but one of us didn't, it is quite a good trick but needs more work. caa i just say a big thank-you to the cat for letting us stare at it. many thanks h. s. m. x
Posted by my friend on February 2, 2011
This is not so cool though. you can draw one of those =(
Posted by rica on February 28, 2011
wow that's so cool!i got it!
Posted by cacadookey on May 11, 2011
to me it looked like the cat was breathing cuz of my eyes.haha i think it looked likee it was breathing cuz i was trying not 2 blink XD.not blinkingis my way of concentrating. :)
Posted by keby on August 2, 2011
OMG that was sooo fliping freaky man lol!!!
Posted by casywew on June 25, 2011
i dont get it
Posted by sophie on June 29, 2011
Posted by linsay on January 17, 2012
wierrrrrrrdddddddddddd but awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by lolage on December 2, 2011
hahahahahahaha!!! i figured it out at first but then its gone!! but than i took like another 5 mins to figure it out again!
Posted by BOB SAGGET on January 28, 2012
Posted by KalaAzurehowl on March 17, 2012
WOW that looks like that was drawn on paper, if it was, KEWL! cat keeps flipping back and forth BAD KITTEH XD
Posted by may on March 18, 2012
it works. the feet of the cat are the key to this illusion. it took me a while to figure this out
Posted by Summer on July 26, 2012
That took me forever to get!
Posted by sashie on September 5, 2012
I see it. that is amazing. I got it right away
Posted by V on October 2, 2012
Posted by lolcatconfusion on November 26, 2012
LOL! i had to lok at the comments to get it but i get it now!, BUTT, HEAD, BUTT, HEAD! Which one is it? LOL
Posted by Legolas lover on June 7, 2013
i can't see it!
Posted by Gwen on July 23, 2013
12 seconds in, I don't get it! 1 minute in, OOOOHHHH!!!! NOW I see it!
Posted by tony on September 4, 2013
I don't get it, I give up lol

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