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Family of the General
Category: Illusion Art | Added: May 26, 2009 | 13 comments
This popular piece of work from artist Octavio Ocampo is as much a puzzle as it is an illusion. The piece centers around two people in an archway, the combination of which creates the image of a male's face from the side. There are many different faces in the picture, some are even up in the sky. See if you can find them all.

Family of the General
Image Credit: Octavio Ocampo


Comments ( 13 )

Posted by Pam on June 14, 2009
I can see 5 I think
Posted by German on February 26, 2010
i found 6
Posted by Hahahaha on March 22, 2010
i foudn 6 but u need 9
Posted by sweety on April 7, 2011
any tips to find the faces
Posted by sweety on April 7, 2011
any tips to find the faces or any clues please!
Posted by rain garces on April 22, 2011
i found 9 faces.but how many do you need to find? i don't how many are there in all..
Posted by steph on May 11, 2012
i see 5, as for tips the one in the sky that i see is the one next to the bird. It looks like a little person there is also a man on the man's face, and another face right above the o in campos.
Posted by 45 on July 2, 2012
i found 7
Posted by Gavin on January 26, 2014
I found 6
Posted by Gavin again on January 26, 2014
I can see 8
Posted by Aubs on March 2, 2015
I found 14 but I might be imagining things (Most of them are on tiny little people)
Posted by Elizabeth on February 27, 2015
Posted by Anoymous on May 6, 2015
My teacher gave us this thing in class.. I only saw a face because I was sitting in the corner of the classroom so I couldnt see the women or the baby, Thx for showing this! :D

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