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Linked Triangles
Category: Impossible Objects | Added: May 29, 2009 | 13 comments
As if one impossible triangle wasn't enough here we have three triangles connected together in an impossible manner. Can you worked out how these are linked ?

Linked Triangles
Image Credit: Henry Bottomley


Comments ( 13 )

Posted by hah on October 23, 2009
The blue and red triangles aren't connected.
Posted by lol on February 23, 2010
its simple the blue triangle corner is pushed through the red triangle and then the green triangle goes through the middle.
Posted by Neo_TheOne on April 15, 2010
Its the simplest thing...the green and blue are not joined,in fact the green is just put in front of the blue...and the red is pushed through the both of them HAH i got it
Posted by Michelle on May 13, 2010
None of them are connected.
Posted by jodi copland on May 30, 2010
i think that this trick is absoloutley amazing and totaly unbelievable woooow
Posted by knowledgable on August 3, 2010
It is photoshopped.
Posted by Micah on April 19, 2012
None are connected EPIC WIN
Posted by crazyidea on April 25, 2012
raised the red triangle up,,
Posted by Smartest one thats right on July 28, 2012
none of em are join
Posted by pop on November 8, 2012
tey are!
Posted by Febuary on February 28, 2014
only the red and green triangles are linked, the green one went inside the blue one so that they were all connected
Posted by rahmah on September 23, 2014
only the red and blue triangles are linked
Posted by Hedja on August 26, 2015
The green triangle is resting on the blue triangle, not linked. The blue triangle is resting on the red triangle, not linked. The red triangle is resting on the green triangle, not linked. Yet they cannot be pulled apart. Simple.

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