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Same Color Illusion
Category: Shape and Color | Added: June 4, 2009 | 13 comments
In this picture the squares marked A and B are exactly the same color, despite the fact that A looks a lot darker than B. The fact that B falls within the shadow of the green object fools the eyes in to perceiving the shades of grey differently. It is in fact very difficult to see these two squares as the same color even when you are told that they are.

Same Color Illusion
Image Credit: Adrian Pingstone


Comments ( 13 )

Posted by Joe on June 14, 2009
Cool! No way do they look the same color.
Posted by lies on September 13, 2009
thet are not the same colour alter the pic pu t themside by sade they arent the same, this is a joke.
Posted by Saru on September 14, 2009
Check it again, if you cut out a section of one of the two squares in a paint program and move it next to the other you will see that they are indeed the same - color #6B6B6B.
Posted by Josh Z on October 2, 2009
That's crazy!! I did the paint brush thing and i still dont believe it even after i proved it, lol!
Posted by Keila on October 6, 2009
Posted by james on April 9, 2011
they are not the same color grey, you can tell because the board is checkerboard and has two different color squares
Posted by DougtheTinter on November 5, 2009
Read the question again. The "A" and the "B" are the same colors. Duh! Short bus waitin fo u
Posted by Shin on December 10, 2009
Posted by dave on February 22, 2010
i didnt believe it at 1st but its true. make a little square using both thumbs and fore fingers, make it as tiny as possible(2mms sq)and place it in the A square and then the B square an youll see they are indeed the same
Posted by Dark Angel on April 6, 2010
Cool, I didn't believe it so I cut and pasted the squares next to each other and they are the same.
Posted by John on April 6, 2011
Its unbelievable but they do seem to be the same colour.
Posted by allen n lynn on December 16, 2011
The colors are the same. The "B" square is just the invert of the "A" square.
Posted by 123456789 on February 25, 2014
they really are the same color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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