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Skull of Yorick
Category: Afterimages | Added: June 4, 2009 | 28 comments
This antique afterimage illusion is based on the skull of Yorick that is exhumed as part of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The idea is that by staring at the cross at the center of the image for 30 seconds and then glancing at a light colored surface you can see the skull image or 'Ghost of Yorick' in front of your very eyes.

Skull of Yorick
Image Credit: Optical Illusions & Visual Trickery


Comments ( 28 )

Posted by Danny on August 20, 2009
whoa that is really weird. i love optical illusions and i've never seen any like the ones on this site
Posted by meeeee on September 10, 2009
whoa thats cool. it works if u blink rly fast
Posted by meeeee is better then the other meee on September 10, 2009
Whoa thats neat, it works well
Posted by Kealan on September 29, 2009
oh this is really great! all of them are, great website keep up the goood work. :)
Posted by maddy on October 26, 2009
i don't see it wat is the stupid thing
Posted by Meghan on November 25, 2009
this one is kinda stupid it doesnt really work that well compared to that #3 one!!!!!
Posted by jho on November 25, 2009
i dont get it!!!
Posted by jho on November 25, 2009
i dont get it!!!
Posted by abi luv :) on January 15, 2010
dis 1 iz not az good az the others soz but itz true all u c is the flipin fing u sor b 4
Posted by victor pike on April 26, 2010
ohh i liked it i didnt even see nothing but i liked it
Posted by gLeePersonFan!!!! on April 15, 2011
Wow this is amazing i did it and i can see it clearly on my ceiling :) :) !!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by blank on April 22, 2010
check out the jesus one
Posted by someone on May 7, 2010
i love dis
Posted by amy on July 19, 2010
holy macaroli man i showed my mates in skool they luv it1!
Posted by Jack on January 8, 2011
The skull is allsome but i dont see anythink?
Posted by coolL on May 16, 2011
sooooo freaky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by shania on April 21, 2013
i actually saw it! ... instead of being white and the skull being black it was the other way round... some scary **** man!!
Posted by galadrial on June 21, 2011
omg thats cool!!!!! PS galadrial is my name
Posted by yo on July 16, 2011
scary, cool, and interesting
Posted by joshua on October 12, 2011
its alright but i preferd da other one
Posted by Kron Myeku on December 18, 2011
There was a ghost on my wall. O:
Posted by may on March 18, 2012
the other ones were better
Posted by Skittlezrock161 on April 24, 2012
I still saw a skull. -_-
Posted by sashie on September 5, 2012
that is scary
Posted by Legolas lover on June 7, 2013
this one is just wierd
Posted by KayKay on November 2, 2013
Nice. I seen the skull by blinking really fast.
Posted by d3 rocks on January 3, 2014
its really awesum.A ghost on my ceiling sounds funny but it was true 4 me 2day
Posted by affiemouse on December 10, 2016
um........ i partly get it but partly not.......

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