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Color Dove Illusion
Category: Afterimages | Added: August 29, 2009

In this illusion try staring at the dot at the center of the dove. When you move your eyes away you should see the afterimage of a red dove on a white background.

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Comments (47)

Posted by Kitty mew on February 22, 2017

It sorta worked. Not the best.
Posted by Ally on June 20, 2015

Nothing happened.
Posted by Awesome guy on February 8, 2015

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Posted by Smartest person ever on February 8, 2015

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Posted by Trivia crack @iluvdolphins on February 8, 2015

And in my first comment you should see a red dove on a green/turquoise not a white dove sorry
Posted by Trivia crack @iluvdolphins on February 8, 2015

From not form (in my previous comment)
Posted by Trivia crack @iluvdolphins on February 8, 2015

You should actually see a white dove on a green or turquoise background because when you stare at red, you red retina cells (they help you see red) get tired so you see green form you green retina cells
Posted by d3 rocks on January 3, 2014

hey its cool but i stared at it for 30 seconds & i saw a black dove with blue background
Posted by tacy on November 14, 2012

Posted by sashie on September 5, 2012

i see that that is cool guys
Posted by moi on July 21, 2012

i saw a red dove with a turqoise background. do any of these actually work???
Posted by LocaLette on April 27, 2012

ohhh, i stared at htis for like ten minutes getting more pissed that i couldnt get it until, i looked away and seen the after image that it was talking about^^ on my wall. very cool. lol
Posted by may on March 31, 2012

i see a red dove but i dont see a white background...?
Posted by the postman i see a blue bakround on January 25, 2012

Posted by WeAreWhoWeAre on January 21, 2012

I can't see a dove on a red background! i follow the instructions but i took this florence 1 and i am still seeing her face! it's scary!
Posted by samsopwned on January 1, 2012

mine was the samae as raegan's
Posted by lyka! on October 10, 2011

awww, so relaxing, dang! it's moving ~-~
Posted by pepper on August 28, 2011

this is so awesome!
Posted by you shall never know on May 1, 2011

I saw a gray dove on a light-blue-aqua-ish background. AND NOW WHEREVER I LOOK IT WONT GO AWAY!!!!!!!!
Posted by rica on February 28, 2011

you are blind dude..it looks like a black dove on a green background!
Posted by jalohalo on February 23, 2011

i can kinda see it pretty hard though
Posted by jalohalo on February 23, 2011

didnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 y??? i think this 1 really sucks!!!!!!!
Posted by Allyson on February 22, 2011

Just FWI or for your information. Your supposed to look at the wall or like a blank surface after you look at the dot for about 30 or 60 seconds.P.S. it helps when you blink rapidly.
Posted by xxxcoolsterxxx on December 24, 2010

i kept my eye on the dot and nothing happened. wtf
Posted by chloe prewitt on December 15, 2010

it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing and relaxing
Posted by shannon on October 31, 2010

it works but there a a hell of a lot betta illutions
Posted by Justin Bieber on October 22, 2010

wow when i looked at it the background was blue and the bird was white All my fans say hi
Posted by p4l_lL on October 1, 2010

Posted by Riley on August 6, 2010

I can\'t see it :(
Posted by chelsea on August 1, 2010

omg the dove one does not work it is retarted
Posted by shelby on July 23, 2010

i cant see it!!!
Posted by Ashley chomper on July 17, 2010

WO!!!!!!!!! GO GOJIRA AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Posted by skylar on June 18, 2010

I cant see it. all i see is the clouds moving in the background not what the people who already posted sees
Posted by anna (aw-na) on May 7, 2010

i saw it perfectly at first, but then i read the comments and saw it in grey and light blue ( i like it better that way)!
Posted by pacman on April 20, 2010

this is awesome... my background was actually kind of a mix of light blue and light green or sth like that and the bird was red :P kickass :D
Posted by 123batgirl on April 12, 2010

wicked it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coool
Posted by raegan on March 18, 2010

my dove was actually red.and blink really fast it helps u see it better
Posted by Danielle on February 25, 2010

i can\'t see it!
Posted by mer on February 13, 2010

OH my backround was light blue with a grey-ish black-ish bird.
Posted by lauren on December 12, 2009

this 1 works
Posted by mer on November 25, 2009

i cant do it! :(
Posted by moll on November 22, 2009

this is cool but my dove was grey with a turqoise backround
Posted by e on November 15, 2009

Posted by lewis pexman on October 6, 2009

this is very good it works perfect.
Posted by sal on September 12, 2009

This one\'s good. You don\'t have to stare at it for very long either for it work.
Posted by meee 4 ever on September 10, 2009

This is really cool it really works. you gotta move your head fast
Posted by solena daniels on September 4, 2009

this works