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Drink Driving Sign Illusion
Category: Moving Images | Added: September 24, 2009

This sign post designed to stop people from drink driving is a unique take on the "waves" illusion, if you look closely you'll see the words on the sign moving in a wave-like fashion to simulate how you might perceive things when intoxicated.

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Comments (22)

Posted by belle on September 22, 2012

oh it's moving..i'm I drunk
Posted by sashie on September 5, 2012

i dnt see any wave
Posted by Renata on April 25, 2012

I do NOT get it!
Posted by may on March 18, 2012

Posted by KalaAzurehowl on March 17, 2012

OHHH i get it, when your drunk, everything looks wavy and so then... yeah LOLZ XD
Posted by samsopwned on January 1, 2012

just go slowly and it will work!!!
Posted by markese on November 17, 2011

it is not moveing
Posted by Chadrick Nathaniel R. Santos on September 17, 2011

Im 9 years old but I know what happens, its the wind from the outside it is outside the public domain THINK
Posted by idk on May 24, 2011

i dont see it?
Posted by nosireric on April 29, 2011

so what happens when you drink and read this sign?
Posted by bellyboo2005 on April 22, 2011

dots robots are ones ive seen like this wavy and im a fan of optical illusions by the way
Posted by Cheyenne on March 27, 2011

thats interesting.i wont get drunk ever........again.lol
Posted by fred yung on January 31, 2011

this illusin is stupid
Posted by $@m on December 22, 2010

i drink all the time,im used to it
Posted by hi on November 15, 2010

this happens to me all the time
Posted by malysia an logan on May 5, 2010

what does it mean we dnt get it
Posted by nirvanaspirit666 on April 29, 2010

it waves, like the circles move or the dots dissappear
Posted by Alexandra on April 23, 2010

It\'s an optical illusion, people.
Posted by hi on February 16, 2010

omg that is weird
Posted by Abby on January 26, 2010

Wow that is really cool but really stupid.
Posted by claire on December 11, 2009

what happens??? i dont get it(: