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Scintillating Grid Illusion
Category: Moving Images | Added: May 26, 2009

The scintillating grid illusion is very similar to the Hermann grid illusion and was devised in 1994 by E. Lingelbach. Like the Hermann illusion the image consists of a grid of black squares divided by lighter colored lines, however unlike the Hermann illusion this one has white circles already present at the intersections. This time when you stare at the image the white circles appear to have black dots appearing inside them.

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Comments (11)

Posted by D lil engine that could on April 10, 2015

Is this freaking realllllll Mega coooollll!!!!!!
Posted by Weird fit on April 10, 2015

This is wicked awesome
Posted by Masen on August 1, 2013

Posted by may on March 18, 2012

black dots moving fast with my eye as i look at white dots.stop it now!!
Posted by dikelshinter on December 21, 2011

now i see dots every were...
Posted by interested on April 28, 2011

at what max size does this illusion fail to work?
Posted by thats cool on March 27, 2011

i seeeeeeeee black dots in the middle of the white dots moving fast everywhere i look....
Posted by huunqs6nq on June 21, 2010

I implemented this illusion on the door panels of my car! I used 1/2\" grey vinyl pinstriping and 3/4\" white vinyl dots. Make the squares 3\" x 3\". My door panels are a medium blue and the illusion works perfectly!
Posted by peeps on June 15, 2010

this makes my eyes hurt!!! :)
Posted by bob on June 7, 2010

thats too cool to be true