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Zoo animals face
Category: Illusion Art | Added: March 10, 2013 | 5 comments
In this optical illusion you can see how the picture has been made up to resemble the face of a man by cleverly using images of a number of different zoo animals. I believe there are twenty eight to thirty animals in this image, including a bear, kangaroo, horse, rabbit, tiger, elephant, monkey and a snake. Some are pretty obvious to spot while others are more hidden and you will need to look more closely to find them. So have a good look at this picture, how many animals do you think there are?

Zoo animals face
Image Credit: This image is believed to be in the public domain.


Comments ( 5 )

Posted by asphalt 8 on May 24, 2014
I like it
Posted by michelle on June 15, 2015
Bird, elephant, snake, dolphine, porcupine, alligator, lizard, snail, parrot, fish, starfish, grasshopper, fox, turtle, rabbit, pelican, a kind of monkey(donno name), tiger, horse, whale, another bird, ape, peacock, kangaroo, bear. Total 25
Posted by apple on July 29, 2015
I see 29 animals!
Posted by fletch on September 26, 2015
Posted by michael on May 12, 2016
this is not in real world.Mysteriously

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